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BBC News: Corbyn and TUSC

Video: The BBC news invited TUSC National Agent Clive Heemskerk to the debate the accusations that TUSC had been infiltrating the Labour Party leadership election in support of Jeremy Corbyn

Barking and Dagenham TUSC

Welcome to our 21 August 2015 newsletter.
Contents of this newsletter:

  • TUSC on BBC News defends Corbyn and denies accusations
  • Barking and Dagenham Council cuts budget in half !! TUSC responds with campaign plan
  • Support the rail unions - two strikes planned next week
  • Come to TUSC conference Saturday, 26th September 2015

TUSC on BBC News defends Corbyn and denies accusations

In the video at the top of this newsletter, TUSC National Agent Clive Heemskerk, speaking on the BBC news, denies accusations that TUSC has been infiltrating the Labour Party leadership election in support of Jeremy Corbyn.

TUSC welcomes the support that Corbyn is getting, which shows how popular socialist ideas are, and would not wish to do anything to jeopardise that campaign.

However, as Clive explains, TUSC is a coalition, and all TUSC nationally can do is encourage supporters not to attempt to vote in the Labour Party's election.

Barking and Dagenham Council cuts budget in half !! TUSC responds with campaign plan

TUSC puts Trades Council resolution against the halving of the council budget

A campaign is desperately needed to oppose these £72 million of cuts from the £150 million budget, which council cabinet members agreed in July after Osborne’s latest budget..

TUSC argues that this campaign should be based on the council trade unions but striving to involve the entire working class of Barking and Dagenham.

Barking, Dagenham and Havering Trades Council is well placed to pull together the unions and establish such a campaign.

TUSC has sent the following resolution for consideration of the trades council, which actively opposes cuts to jobs and services.

This Trades Council

Opposes all cuts in services and jobs in LBBD

This trades council notes:

That on 21 July 2015 council cabinet members agreed to £72million of cuts, “almost half the borough’s expenditure” (Post), cutting the budget from roughly £150million to £80million over the next five years

The popularity of Jeremy Corbnyn’s anti-cuts, anti-austerity message among both Labour Party members and the wider population, particularly in London, according to the 14th August Evening Standard poll (“Left-winger Jeremy Corbyn is 'first choice for Londoners'”)

That so far four LBBD councillors have endorsed his campaign.

That a bold anti-austerity campaign would gain an enormous echo.

This trades council proposes:

A massive joint union campaign to be launched against these cuts, involving any councillor who is prepare to publicly take a stand against the proposed cuts.

This campaign to be launched in the autumn with a public meeting, setting out plans for a demonstration later in the year, and involving the public, such as community anti-cuts campaigns, etc.

To link the campaign to the Corbyn campaign by attempting to get a speaker from the Corbyn campaign to public meetings.

That such a campaign should demand that the council rejects the cuts and sets a needs budget and campaigns to get other Labour councils facing cuts to do the same

That the campaign seeks to make links with unions in other councils to build an alliance of council workers that are prepared to campaign together against cuts.

That if LBBD councillors fail to oppose this decimation of council services that they will face a trade union-backed challenge in the next council elections.

Support the rail unions!

London tube's summer of strikes joined by First Great Western

  • Talks ahead of two 24-hour tube walkouts

  • Great Western 72-hour bank holiday stoppage

As we go to press, London Underground could be shuttered again by bosses' pig-headedness over staff restructuring and night service. But last-minute talks could still lead to management concessions.

Tube unions RMT, TSSA and Unite plan two more 24-hour walkouts. Unfortunately, drivers' union Aslef will not be taking action this time. To complement the tube's summer of strikes, RMT members on First Great Western walk out for 72 hours this bank holiday.

The next tube strikes will start on the evenings of 25 and 27 August. Aslef members voted by 98% for strikes, and many will be frustrated by leaders stepping back. Strikers will encourage rank-and-file members to support the action by not crossing picket lines in solidarity.

This would be the platform for further joint action with Aslef. Tube workers from all unions need to stand firm to again bring London to a standstill...
More ...

Come to TUSC conference

Preparations need to begin soon for TUSC's work in the various elections due next May, not least the hundreds of council seats we hope to contest. To help those preparations we're planning a conference open to all individual members of TUSC at London's Student Central venue, Malet Street, WC1E.

TUSC conference 2015

Saturday 26th September, 11am-4-30pm

Student Central, Malet Street, London, WC1E

TUSC conference registration form

11am to 11-15am:

CONFERENCE INTRODUCTION: speaker from the RMT council of executives

11-15am to 1-15pm:


Agreeing TUSC’s 2016 local elections platform

1-15pm to 2pm: Lunch break

2pm to 4-30pm:


A debate with platform speakers from the four constituent organisations

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Socialist Party meetings on Saturday

The Socialist Party (of which TUSC general election candidate Joseph Mambuliya is a member) is proud to be part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. The Socialist Party has played a central role in organising in Barking, working side-by-side with other hard-working socialists and RMT and other union activists.

Barking Socialist Party meets most Saturdays at 3pm, except when there are major events on.
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